Homeschool And Beyond
      a la carte science classes at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Weather Notice: In the case of extreme weather, classes WILL take place unless the Museum decides to close or reschedule. While you should, of course, use your own discretion about whether or not to brave the weather, please understand that I have to pay the museum for the classes whether you show or not so I cannot offer refunds or reschedules. I will communicate through the email you have on file if the classes are cancelled or rescheduled.


All Homeschool and Beyond (HAB) facilitated Classes, Field Trips and Events are open to home educating families who have read and agree to the FAQ’s and information listed on this Website.

HAB retains the right to decline registration to any individual for any reason and without any obligation except to refund any monies paid for future events.


All class fees, field trip fees and membership fees are non-refundable. We have committed to paying for the class/event based on the number of registrants and everyone is depending on everyone else’s financial participation to make the event possible.


The museum increased the price it charges us for the classes this year and we have had to pass along that cost. Our classes are always a la carte... that is, you can purchase one or more at any time when inventory is available.

We do NOT require you to purchase a class series or package deal. We also DON’T require the classes to be full with every one of the 24 seats sold. In fact, very few of our classes ever get that full, which means your students get the benefit of more instructor time. We also don’t segregate our classes into smaller age brackets so siblings are not split up. (The exception is for dissections and the 2-hour labs that have a higher minimum age requirement.) The instructors are highly skilled at adjusting their teaching to the level of those in attendance.

Purchase and attend ONLY the classes that meet your schedule. You can try us out and then buy more if it is a good fit for your family.

We know that other groups offer a lower ‘per class’ rate but they typically require that you purchase a series of classes or they don’t allow all the parents to accompany their students. Some groups require that you pay for a membership (ours is new and optional... trying to continue to add value), or that you buy their t-shirt.

If the lower cost is the highest priority for you, we certainly understand and wish you the best in finding a group that better meets your needs.


All participants are requested to wear appropriate, modest attire for the event and to remember that we are representing the homeschooling community ‘at- large’.

Obviously, we also request that you discuss with your students ahead of time the importance of respectful behavior, including following instructions, respect for authority, careful treatment of property and polite behavior toward others.


To ensure that all Museum visitors have an optimal experience and out of respect for our collections and the safety of others, we ask that all HMNS patrons adhere to the following guidelines:

Keep your hands and feet to yourself and keep a safe distance from objects, walls, cases, artifacts, and photographs.The oils, salts and acids in our sweat can damage works of art and artifacts. (Touching of exhibits is only permitted in the Cabinet of Curiosities.)

Be respectful of other visitors to the Museum by using a quiet voice when walking through the Halls.

Cell phones must be turned off or silenced while in the Halls.

Food, drinks, and chewing gum are not allowed in the Halls.

Students are not permitted to run or jump in the Halls.


You are responsible for supervising your own child (or children) at all times. This is not a ‘drop off’ program. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their students/children during their visit to the Museum.We thank you in advance for ensuring that the Museum remains in good condition for all visitors to enjoy. If these guidelines are not followed, you may be asked to leave the Museum and will forfeit all monies paid.


Cancellations, schedule changes, the quality of instruction for the class, event or tour and other similar issues are entirely out of the control of HAB or any related volunteer(s) coordinating the events. We will earnestly work to keep lines of communication open and attempt to notify attendees in the case of any last minute cancellations or schedule changes. Please make sure to update us with any changes to your email address and telephone numbers.

  1. General HMNS Class Information

  2. Registration is open for the entire year on a first come, first paid, first reserved basis. Purchases are made via Paypal and are non-refundable.

  3. We need a minimum enrollment of twelve (12) to sixteen (16) students for each of the labs. On the rare occasion that we don’t have enough students signed up for a particular class, we may have to cancel that class and your money paid for that class will be returned or you can opt to attend an alternative class date if spots are available.

  4. Classes are generally scheduled at 10am, 11am or 1pm (as noted) and last one hour (however, extended classes are noted and last two hours). Only the student pays. The rest of the family (parent/youngers) can explore the general admission exhibit halls at no charge after class. When you check in with HAB in the lobby on the day of class, you will receive a Chaperone sticker that will provide you and your family access to the general admission museum exhibit halls on class day.                                                

  5. All students in class must have their parent or another designated adult in the classroom or waiting in the hall just outside the classroom (if the room is full). These are not ‘drop off’ classes. Parents are welcome to stay in the classroom or in the hallway outside class. Younger siblings are welcome to sit in the room with the parents if they can be still and quiet. Otherwise, plan on  bringing a book or DVD player or something to keep occupied quietly in the hallway while your student is in class.  

  6. Unless otherwise noted, classes take place at the main Houston Museum of Natural Science location down in the Houston museum district (Hermann Park, the Zoo, etc.) See the map on our site below or visit the museum’s website here.

  7. If you wish to do the extra paid activities at the museum (like the Butterfly exhibit, IMAX, special  exhibits, planetarium, etc.) you may purchase tickets at the Box Office on site. Additionally, there are School Group/Field Trip discounted rates available to homeschoolers. You may call ahead and make advance arrangements with the box office and will likely need a group of 10 (ten) or more.

  8. No Food or Drink is allowed in the classrooms or in the Museum Exhibits. You can bring a lunch and eat at the park across the street or at tables in the main entry hall of the museum. There is also a McDonald's inside the museum. A warning though, some days (especially in the early spring months) are jam-packed full of public and private school groups and the lines at McD's are intolerably long. Those are especially good days to bring a lunch. Remember, though, no food or drink is allowed into the exhibit halls or downstairs in the classrooms.

  9. There is limited free 2-3 hour parking on the streets around the museum and paid parking in the parking garage attached to the museum.  Show your chaperone sticker at the Box Office to get a discounted rate for the parking garage.

  10. Traffic and parking can be tricky some days, so please allow extra travel time to avoid missing class.

  11. Unless the museum cancels a class, all class fees are non-refundable. We have committed to paying for the class/event based on the number or registrants and everyone is depending on everyone else’s financial participation to make the event possible.


  2. Please try to be inside the museum at least 15 minutes prior to class start time. Check in with museum staff at the kiosk just inside the HMNS main entry hall, across from the Box Office and you will receive your Chaperone Sticker. Let the staffer know you are with Homeschool And Beyond and they will check you off the registration list. If there are large school groups, politely work your way up to the kiosk to check in. If the kiosk is not open, proceed to the classrooms in the basement in the new wing underneath the new Paleo Hall. Let the staffer manning the exhibit hall entry door know that you are joining a class with Homeschool And Beyond in the basement. Please do not enter classrooms until the instructor is present.  Please sign in on the roster sheet when entering the classroom.

IMPORTANT: After completing your Paypal Transaction, please email me your preferred contact email address and the age/grade of your student(s). If there are scheduling issues I need to be able to contact you. ~ Kim


FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions (please read)

Please take a few minutes to read the information on this page.

If you still have questions, please contact us.